Garden Pic Wednesday: Evening Garden View

Today's Garden Pic is my backyard garden view in the evening as the sun slides toward setting---usually between 5:30 and 7 pm. I sit on the loveseat inside the house with a cup of coffee, just peacefully watching the sun slide over my garden while small birds visit the feeder and larger birds hop about hunting for bugs.

Other Things Going On:
I joined the local 24 Workout gym that's located in the plaza close to where I live--maybe a mile and a half. It's only $19 a month. Just a equipment place; no classes. But it's actually really nice and part of a national chain that I'm now a member of and can use anywhere.

I did recently added some new thank you card designs to my Zazzle store---first time in 7 months. Fortunately, sales have been ticking along even without me doing much of anything. 
You can visit: My "Say Thanks" Collection here.


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