Thursday, January 19

Mama Kat Prompt: A Breakfast Scene

For this weeks Mama's Kat's Writing Prompt Challenge and your reading pleasure I chose prompt idea #4: "Describe the scene at breakfast."

     Time travel back 29 years. My husband and I are still newlyweds and I'm standing in the kitchen of our first apartment making breakfast. It's sort of a long, narrow kitchen with a sink, stove and refrigerator lined up along one wall leaving room across from them for a small table and two chairs,so we can eat right there, rather then in the other room at the larger dining table.

      I'm at the stove diligently making breakfast, the sort of breakfast I remember my Mother making for our family oh-so-many-times. I'd already fried up the bacon and now cracked two eggs into the bacon grease, carefully spooning the hot liquid over them to close the yolks. I was making eggs over-easy. It was the only kind of eggs my family ate, therefore, to my mind, it was the only way to fry an egg.

     Dishing up, I put a couple strips of bacon, a beautiful perfect over easy-egg and a toasted English muffin on a plate, then set this deluxe breakfast in front of my new husband seated at the little kitchen table. As I turned back to dish up my own plate, I heard a sudden mild exclamation: "I can't eat this!"
     I turn back around, dumb-founded. "Why not?"

     "Because the yolk is all runny."

     I stared at him like he was speaking Japanese. "They're over-easy," I explained patiently. "That's the way you're supposed to eat eggs. That's how my family always ate them."

     "Well, I don't. I like my yolks fried solid."

     And thus I learned there is actually more then one way to cook an egg.

     Luckily, my over-easy egg hadn't come out so-easy and had broken in the cooking process. It was fried solid, just the way he liked, so we just traded plates and everyone lived happily ever after.


Mary Johnson said...

That is very cute. Oh the the things we have to adjust to :)

Patrice said...

I always thought the yolks were supposed to be runny you could dip your toast in the yolk!

kaye said...

I like my egg fried hard too, now runny for me. fun story today. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Michelle said...

My husband gagged when he saw me cooking and eating an egg over easy. Luckily, I learned to make scrambled the way he likes, and we can still have breakfast for dinner. Thanks for posting, it made me laugh!

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