Wednesday, February 6

Garden Pic Wednesday: Stacked Succulents!

      It's temperate out today and that time of year various garden and flower bed tasks are calling!
Today was edging one of the front beds, which included dividing a day lily. I need to pick up some bark mulch this year and, with a fresh foundation of that, I can add mowing mulch on top the rest of the year.
My flowers have apparently decided it is, indeed, spring:
Dutch Iris heads are coming up and an Azalea bush in back is blooming!
I've also started seed indoors in one of those plastic-tray planters for tomatoes, flowers & basil.

Today's Garden Pic's are my newest garden project addition:
A pair of stacked pots filled with succulents!

I saw the idea in a garden magazine.

 It requires two pots, one larger and one smaller. The large one is filled 3/4 with garden soil, then the smaller pot is set inside against the back, so a space is left in front. It is also 3/4 filled with garden soil. After that, using additional garden soil, plant an assortment of small succulents in the small pot and around the outer edge of the large one.

The result looks something like this:

Cute, eh? 
I used 2 clay pots and just painted up the top rims with paint I already had on hand. The original magazine pic used 2 already decorated ceramic pots. You could even use to plastic pots--and if your project is destined to sit in full sun, you should use plastic because ceramic & clay absorb heat.
Mine is in partial shade and I like clay pots because they develop a natural lichen patina over time.
And succulents are so adorable! I love the red-tinted ones!
Here's a top view:

This will make the perfect all-season decoration in my front yard.
I've heard the Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band is in town to play on base this weekend and we're looking into going. Of course, their goal is to raise funds for their various projects, such as building homes for disabled veterans.
Also last Thursdays post was about color analysis and included a helpful link so you can analyze your own colors to see colors look best on you.
See that post here:
We had the floor measured yesterday for the new adura vinyl tile squares. The store manager is the one who came out and personally did the measuring, which he said was "how they did things." I was impressed.
We're presently discussing costs. Make no mistake--this is a big investment, right up there with getting a new heating/cooling system.
 But it needs to be done and I want it well done.
Come back tomorrow to see what Mama Kat Prompt I choose!

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