Monday, July 1

Good Eating Monday: Safe Grilling Tips For Meat

For those who are Americans, Happy 4th of July!
What will you be doing? Having a cook-out?

Apparently hamburgers are the #1 preferred 4th grilling meat!
But--there's been a lot of recent articles about a cancer connection between the high heat grilling and meat fat.

Here's some recommended suggestions for getting around that little problem:

Good example of properly
grilled brats--no dark
burn marks!
1) Marinade. Using a marinade on your meat can reduce the cancer side-effect by 90%.

2) Cook low and slow.
Avoid high flames, high heat and blackening meat!  

3) Turn your meat more often to avoid dark grill marks.
Or make it easier by covering your grill with heavy foil to protect meat from direct flame and also from the fumes getting back on the meat from the burning fat.

4)  Choosing leaner cuts of meat or carefully trim off fat helps, too.
Be sure to choose uncured brats, sausages or dogs to escape
 that truckload of nitrates common to processed meat.

5)  Lay sprigs of fresh Rosemary on the grill under your meats. Rosemary oil has proven itself effective at negating the cancer side-effect.
Be sure and snip some Rosemary into your marinade or work it into your hamburger meat, if you shape your own!

Eat up, me hearties, ho-yo!

Have a safe holiday and enjoy the fireworks!
Also because Thursday, the 4th, is a holiday, I won't be posting a Mama Kat prompt!


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