Monday, January 6

Good Eating Monday: Bavarian Stir-Fry

 Baby, it's cold outside. Here, in northern Florida, it will be 16 tonight, with a high tomorrow of 39.
I was pleased to harvest some Romaine from my garden to lunch today! Also some Cilantro, which proved to be great in a salad!
(Just a little--it can be overly strong if you use too much!)

While it's so inhospitable outside, I've had indoor tasks on my schedule, like organizing my jewelry box, my file cabinet and craft projects, such as re-stuffing my large sofa pillows with fresh fluff.
Since I know how to bead now, winter is a good time for jewelry projects, like re-furbishing bead necklaces that need re-stringing or taking apart old jewelry to make something new with it. Making something new and usable out of old is my favorite thing to do.

Today's Good Eating recipe is something I made up to use brats or sausage and Bavarian sauerkraut that I 
call "Bavarian Stir-Fry."

It just involves sauteing sliced brats or Italian sausage with Bavarian sauerkraut, which is sweeter then regular kraut with Caraway seeds, and sliced apples & onions served over hot, steamed rice.
Here's my general recipe as I make it:

1 package fresh Johnsonville reduced-fat brats or Italian sausage.
1 15oz can Bavarian Sauerkraut, undrained
1 medium onion, sliced
2-3 apples, cored and thinly sliced 
1 Tbsp olive oil
Either Dijon Mustard or Italian Oil Dressing
Optional: 1 teaspoon extra Caraway Seed
Sliced medium Bell Pepper or 1/2 cup frozen Bell Pepper strips

Fresh brats or sausage cut better if they're partially cooked rather then trying to cut them raw.
If I don't have any cook-out left-overs, I like to boil mine for a few minutes, then drain & slice, but you can also saute them whole in your frying pan until they're at least half-cooked, remove from pan, then slice into discs. 

Now that meat is prepped, put 1 Tbsp oil into frying pan and add onions (peppers, too, if you'r using them) and saute. When onions are transparent, add your meat, pour in the can of Bavarian kraut, sliced apples and extra Caraway, if desired. Saute, stirring frequently until meat is done, apples are tender and kraut is hot.

At this point I like to add either a squirt or two of Dijon Mustard or a couple Tbsp of Italian Dressing and stir in.
Serve over hot steamed rice.
Makes 4 servings.

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