Thursday, February 27

Mama Kat Thursday: Vivid Dreams

The Mama Kat prompt today is about my...

Everyone dreams. It's how the brain rests. 
Dreams occur during the the initial stage of sleep called REM stage (Rapid Eye Movement) and last only a few minutes. The average person moves up and down between REM and deep dreamless sleep at least 3 or 4 times a night. But to recall a dream requires either waking up in the middle of it or right afterward and to retain memory of the details, one must either tell someone about it or write it down---something so it gets rehearsed into memory. Otherwise, dreams are fleeting things, fading quickly away.

For me, my dreams are generally adventurous. I'm also what you would call a "lucid dreamer." That means I have an awareness of what I'm dreaming and frequently take conscious control of what's happening.

Recently, I've had 2 fun, very vivid dreams: one from last week ago and one from this morning:
The setting of the first was a large airplane hanger where a rummage sale for charity was going on. The hanger door was open and outside I could see rolling hills thick with golden fields of wheat or hay. That made me think I was in Indiana. (I grew up in Indiana.) Long folding tables were arrayed around the circumference of the hanger and I was aware of people scattered about looking at whatever was being offered for sale. The whole place and everything in it was soft golden brown like an old sepia photograph--except the two people seated at a long folding table in the center. They were two men wearing white shirts with sleeves rolled up, suit vests and ties--the actors Tom Hiddleston and Chris Helmsworth from the Avengers film. Mr. Hiddleston had a mustache & goatee.
(I have a photographic memory and a picture even seen once can turn up any time!)
 They were just sitting there, smiling, selling something stack between them on the table that reminded me of a  dark stack of hockey pucks. The funny part is I walked up to their table, amazed to see them in such an out-of-the-way place and said, "What are you two doing in the outback of Indiana?"
(I said that because I know Mr. Helmsworth grew up in the out-back of Australia.)
They thought this was hilarious and we just laughed and laughed.
I did buy some object from their table and Mr. Hiddleston happily scribbled something all over the 2-inch white tag that I couldn't decipher and about all I remember of that dream. 

The dream this morning featured Stargate SG-1 characters Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson plus an original female character I created for some past fanfiction, who represented me. She was my point of view to what was happening.
So the four of us were going down this dim stone tunnel that sloped downward, my character in the lead, my hands out, trying to sense if there was any evil. To our surprise the sloping tunnel ended in a plain wooden door with a handle. We pulled it open slightly and could hear a foreign language and see people in suits inside. Apparently this was some sort of secret spy network of translators. Suddenly, behind us arrived people with guns and we were caught.
We were walked out in handcuffs to the city streets above, clearly still on earth. Quickly, we all 4 escaped our hand-cuffs, since we each had our own method for doing that. Somehow we got our weapons back, ran into a restaurant full of people to a large pink cabinet in the back of the room. We opened the doors and dashed inside. I think the idea was our pursuers might be reluctant to chase us in front of so many witnesses.
There didn't seem to be a back secret panel to escape through and I think I was on the verge of making that happen when I woke up.
That was it.
Hope you enjoyed!


Carol said...

Very adventurous dreaming! To be entertained like that at night would be a hoot! That was so fun to read.

Jerralea said...

Wow, it looks to me like you need to be very careful of what programs and movies you watch!

kelley jensen said...

You could write screen plays in your sleep :)

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