Wednesday, July 23

Garden Pic Wednesday: Rain Lily & Garden Views

Today's Garden Pics include a blooming day lily and several garden views around the yard:

Below is a Rain Lily. It's something like a crocus in appearance. It's a bulb. I bought a mix of yellow, white and pink (this one is a white one with the tiniest hint of pink the camera can't see.)
 What makes them "rain lilies" is they bloom after a rain and the ground is wet. Perfect for a rain garden.

Next: a post-rain view of my main rain garden with a good view of the Chocolate Elephant Ears both in the rain garden and in the back right corner of the photo.

I love these Elephant Ears! I love the purple color! It really breaks up
the heavy green of a Florida garden.
They start green when little and turn dark as they mature. They are not a bulb, but have a root system like a day lily. Very easy to split and move. In fact, I split up the single clump I had this spring and moved them various places; apparently they loved it because they look better then they ever have!
Chocolate Elephant Ears are easy to grow. They prefer full shade, but will tolerate splotchy shade and partial sun. (These in the rain garden get morning sun.) Sun makes them slightly less purple.
They'd make a great large pot plant for the shade--but be aware they will fill your whole pot!
(I bought mine from an online garden center.)

Next: A view of my tall Zinnias in the center back yard bed:
This is the bed I edged with red castle wall blocks back in the fall.

These Zinnia's are all last years volunteers. I arranged them in a center row to be a tall feature. Herbs and smaller flowers occupy the other side.

Last: A front to back view of my yard along the north side my house.
These are my front beds of pampas and very tall hibiscus that frame our gravel parking spot here. (My home is to the left.) You can see the Hosta bed along the side of the house between the shrubs. This is just freshly mowed today. Time is 3 pm.

That's it for today!  Come back tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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