Wednesday, February 25

Garden Pic Wednesday: Cheers to Spring

Today's Garden Pics are shots of my Cheers Daffodils from bud to fully open to vase!
Cheers Daffodils are a cluster style daffodil with multiple small double blossoms. I ordered them from a nursery catalog and those 5 original bulbs multiply every year, giving me more and more!
They have a light, sweet fragrance reminiscent of baby powder.


 Ready to Open: 

Fully Open:

Vased with Dusty Miller: 

This is a small nosegay style arrangement in a 5-inch ginger jar vase with 3 stems of Cheers Daffodils and two Dusty Miller stems with the Daffodils arrangement in a cluster on one side & Dusty Miller on the other. Both perform well in a vase!
A lovely Cheer-ful bouquet to brighten this gray & rainy winter day with their sweet fragrance! 
(Dusty Miller can be rooted in water, so I'm hoping these might root along the way, too!)
That's it for today! Do check out my Mama Kat Thursday post!

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