Friday, June 12

Friday Finds: The Art of Simple Shapes & Text

In 1915, Kazimir Malevich painted a single solid black square on a linen canvas and called it art. He called his abstract style "cubo-futuristic," leading the way into a movement later called, "suprematism art."  Abstract art is art that is the opposite of realistic, so suprematism art was an abstract style comprised of just basic colored shapes, such as squares, lines, rectangles or circles and so on. 
A sample of Malevich's art:

The German Bauhaus school of design was influenced by this Suprematism art style:
Here's an example of a Bauhaus graphic design. Here you see basic shapes of color combined with black text design:

When I recently redesigned my Zazzle store category thumbnails, I set out to create designs consisting of just a interesting black text accented with nothing but a few simple colored shapes. 
Once done, I like this look so much, I was inspired to expand some of those same designs for broader use on fabric, wall art, cards and other things.
When I went to describe my creations, I discovered I was using a abstract style echoing abstract Bauhaus & Suprematism Art influence. 
Though, my designs differ in I use brighter, happier colors!

So, today I'm going to show you some of those creations!

First, a design I call "Chocolate Static Squared."
Here it's shown on an 3-piece canvas, but is also available as sewing/craft fabric, pillow, gift wrap and card, with more items planned. The design is a bold black text over two asymmetrical squares in lime & teal!
I think it would be perfect for on a wall in a cafe, coffee shop or pastry shop!

Chocolate Static Squared Canvas Wrap

Another new design is this "Happy Birthday Geo Color Block" 
This abstract features a black text over 3 over-lapping  rectangles in teal, lime & orange shown here on a cocktail paper napkin. It's on birthday party related things: card, gift wrap, disposable coaster & cake pop 

Happy Birthday Geo Color Block Napkin

And finally, my new "Happy Birthday Gumballs" design:
This abstract features a bold, yet fun black text over a set of bright colored circles of varying sizes. A lively design that is also on a card, gift wrap, disposable coaster & a cake-pop!

Happy Birthday Gumballs Napkin

I love this art design style and have many more projects planned and some just waiting to be posted for sale!
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See you Monday for Good Eating!

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