Wednesday, June 10

Garden Pic Wednesday: Night Blooms,Veggies & Box Turtles!

This morning I did some morning, but it was gray like a thunderstorm was looming and I could hear distant thunder, so I just did the north side and quit. But nothing came of it and a couple hours later it was sunny again--still I hear distant rumbling even now, when it's nearly 4 pm It's that time of year.
I did later go back out to collect blackberries and tie up tomatoes.

My front flower beds are a vision of loveliness at night, thanks in particular to all those 4 O'clocks!
So today's first Garden Pics are of my blooming night garden:
These photos are at 9 pm last night:

Above, my red Petunias, yellow Million Bells and yellow Paint 4 O'clocks all stay awake at night to feed the moths!
I saw in Burpee a white night blooming flower called a "Moon Flower," that looks like a Morning Glory. It needs at trellis, so it's a vine like that.

Next: My Veggie Bed
Tomatoes, Zucchini & Melon. Also, a couple baby watermelon plants are up that I planted from saved seed from the prettiest, small round watermelon we ate last year!
The those huge Zucchini weathered vine-borers to keep on going, despite severely scarred stems.

Last: A Box Turtle I caught in my garden this morning!
He was trying to hide under the Zucchini leaves.
I didn't have 3 of the 2nd row blocks in place, so he was able to just hop on in there and I certainly don't want him dining on my Zucchini or tomatoes! So, today I put those blocks in place.
Recently, any Boxie's I catch I've been marking with a dots of various colored nail polish on the rear of their shells, so I can tell who's a regular and who's new.
I lifted this one out of the garden and put him down in front of some nice melon rind. He (or she) devoured all the pink greedily. This one is fearless and doesn't stay hidden in it's shell. Even in my hands, all 4 feet will come out and start pumping like it's going someplace! And he doesn't pull his head in when I come out with the camera. 
That eye is looking right at me, though!

That's it for today! Do come back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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Katherines Corner said...

I had turtles when I was a young girl. Love this post my friend. I invite you to share at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

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