Monday, August 10

Good Eating Monday: Cheese & Spinach Pita!

I saw this pocket pita sandwich picture in Pinterest and put it on my food idea board to try.
Today I tried it for lunch.

Unfortunately the pin just linked back to a general blog and not to any specific recipe--which I never appreciate.
So--I had to guess the recipe, though it seemed simple enough: one wheat pocket pita, plus fresh spinach and Baby Bell cheese.
The original pin also mentioned "tomato sauce" in the description, but I skipped that. It was fine without.
Overall, I found it filling and tasty.

However, my sandwich DID NOT come out like the picture!
Here's my actual sandwich:

I used two Light Baby Bells; one for each pita half.  To get as much cheese spilling out as shown in the original Pinterest picture, I think you'd need to use 4 Baby Bells maybe.

Funny thing is the original Pin describes this as being only 100 calories!
But according to my pita pocket bag nutrition guide, one wheat pita is 150 calories.
One light Baby Bell is 50 calories; I used two.
I don't even count spinach.
So my sandwich was actually a minimum of 250 calories; not 100.

But, it was a yummy low fat, healthy lunch option with greens, whole grain bread and dairy/calcium. Plus I had a cup of milk and 1/2 banana along with, so it was a balanced lunch with all food groups present. Not a thing wrong with that.

Changes I'd recommend:
Skip the pocket pita and go for a whole grain tortilla and make it a quesadilla instead.
Pocket pita pockets tend to split open and I find the space cramped for "stuffing." A tortilla would be easier.
So what Pinterest food pins have you tried?
You can visit my Pinterest board for see either my collection of untried "Food Ideas" or "Pinterest Recipes I've Tested."
 And other interesting things.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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