Monday, August 17

Good Eating Monday: Grilled Romaine!

Have you ever grilled Romaine lettuce? 
When I went to lunch with my Yoga class, I mentioned grilling Romaine and those ladies acted like they'd never heard of it before!
I suppose they haven't watched much Food Network or Cooking Channel.
Grilled Romaine is absolutely delicious--but I couldn't figure out how to do it so the lettuce both cooked well and didn't fall apart.
I finally  hit upon the secret in Pinterest: you leave the stem on and cut the heads in half and the stem connection keeps the head together while it's grilling.
I found this Pin about Grilled Romaine on Pinterest and tried it out.
The original Pin used Olive Oil for drizzling, but I used Italian Dressing, which has oil in it instead because it gives the lettace flavor without any extra seasoning!

Grilled Romaine:
1 head of Romaine per every 2 people being served
1 bottle of you favorite Italian Dressing
Optional: salt, pepper---and possibly cheese as this Pin topped their grilled lettuce with Asiago Cheese. (I didn't.)

Leaving stem on, split each Romaine in half. Drizzle halves with Italian dressing. Season as desired.
Put on a HOT Grill, cut side down, first.
Give it a nice char, then flip and repeat.
(Your Romaine will wilt.)
When charred and hot, removed from grill.
(You can optionally top with cheese)
To serve, place a Romaine half on each plate.

To Eat:
Cut off the stem and eat away! Yum!
If you've never tried it, you should!
There you have it---the secret to grilling a Romaine lettuce head is to leave the stem on and cut it in half!
I have one in the frig right now for when Hubby grills some Pork Chops on Wednesday.
To see more Pinterest recipes I've tried out, visit & follow my Pinterest!
What's your favorite veggie for the grill?
Eat up, me  hearties, yo-ho!

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