Thursday, October 22

Mama Kat Thursday: Fav Slow-Cooker Recipes!

Today's Mama Kat blog writing prompt is: 

Drumroll please... and my top 3 favorite and/or most used slow cooker recipes are:

#1)  Slow-Cooker Baked Sweet Potatoes!
 I absolutely love how quick & easy a slow-cooker bakes up 4 to 6 sweet potatoes!
(This blog page also includes a review of Jurassic World!)

Cube steaks are an economic beef option and this slow-cooker recipe cooks 'em up nice and tender with lots of mushroom gravy for rice! Or throw in a few red potatoes in the cooker with the meat and get a full meal in a pot!  Since Hubby is a meat & potatoes guy, this is one of his favorite meals!

This slow-cooker cake is on my list to do again--I just haven't had an good opportunity. Even in a large slow-cooker it only serves 6 people well and I usually have too many Air Force kids on Sunday.
The cake bakes up very nicely & is moist. You have to put a paper towel under the slow-cooker lid during the later portion of baking time, so condescension drops won't fall on the cake.
It would be yummy served with ice cream & Hershey's chocolate syrup!

I love baking desserts in a slow-cooker!
What's your favorite slow-cooker recipe?

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TMW Hickman said...

I'm coming to your house for dinner, too!

Kim @ The Fitness Moms said...

Ok, I'm trying that chocolate cake! I've made brown sugar oatmeal in the slow cooker and it turned out so yummy.

Lisa Frederick said...

Definitely trying the cake! So yummy-looking! And I've been doing regular baked potatoes in the slow cooker. Love the way they come out. Coming at you from Mama's Losin' It!

May said...

Seriously, cake?! I was still mulling over the 'how cool to do sweet potatoes' thing! Then cake!

Mama Kat said...

chocolate cake in a slow cooker!?! I bet the house smells amazing on those days!

~Julia said...

Yum! I must try these!

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