Monday, June 15

Good Eating Monday: Slow-Cooker Baked Sweet Potatoes!

We saw Jurassic World and enjoyed it.
 I really liked Chris Pratt's character, Owen, who was an ex-Navy guy turned Raptor-whisperer. His relationship with his Raptors was really my favorite part of the movie and it was actually the only real new story element in the franchise.
 I also really liked the computer nerd in the control center. The story was over-all well woven together. They did make it clear this time that the villain dinosaur had 2 primary motivations: it was figuring out it's place in the world and killing for sport. It wasn't chasing any particular people, just anyone it saw.
 I also usually like guessing who the "red shirts" will be in Jurassic films! 
 There were only 2 things that didn't suspend my sense of reality: 
#1) The main lady character's spike high heels. She ran in them, she hiked through the jungle in them. In my experience, spike heels tend to sink deeply into soft soil with every step, so I didn't find that believable or practical.
#2)  The kids driving that 20 year old jeep they found. The tires weren't even rotted, though clearly the old garage had been invaded by jungle. And it just started up with a change of battery. Usually jeeps with 20 year old oil and gasoline still in them, are seized up and won't just crank over.
So, there you are. Otherwise, very entertaining. A great action-fantasy adventure movie experience.
Today's Good Eating recipe is "Slow-Cooker Baked Sweet Potatoes."
This was a Pinterest recipe I tried out--and it works fantastic!
I love baked sweet potatoes, but they take so long in the oven and I don't like using it in summer.
So, I read this recipe for baking them in a slow-cooker. Tried it. Loved it. 
Have used it twice already.
 I decided baked sweet potatoes with a Birdseye Steamable veggie would be my lunch Mon. thru Thur. this week!

4 to 6 medium sweet potatoes. (5 - 6 inches) 

Spray slow-cooker with cooking oil spray, because the sweet potatoes release juices while cooking. Scrub/wash sweet potatoes thoroughly to get rid of exterior roots & dirt. Dry. Poke with knife or fork several times, so steam will vent. Put in slow-cooker. Cover. Cook 3 to 4 hours on high.
 (Mine, which were small, were done within 3 hours.)
Serve how you like.
You can split them or peel them. (The skin peels off easily once cooked.)  They are very good with butter & cinnamon. Quite sweet enough. Or you can add a pinch of brown sugar.
I just peel, then heat up a Steamable veggie to top mine with!
Once baked, you can put them in a container and refrigerate.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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