Wednesday, December 2

Garden Pic Wednesday: November Gerbers & Fresh Garlic Sprouts!

I came home from shopping at Walmart today, walked in the garage and was appalled that my garage stunk like a permanent marker! It gave me a headache immediately and I opened the garage door to let air in.
  It smelled like spray paint--yet I hadn't used any. On investigation, I quickly found the culprit was a near empty can of Krylon spray paint had sprung a tiny leak in the bottom and it's contents had oozed out onto the shelf and dripped to the floor.
Now the garage smells like Pine Sol. It's still airing out.
Today's Garden Pics:
When we came back from the Conference I found my Pink Gerbers fresh, green and eagerly putting up blooms! That bottom bud is actually a fully open flower now!

Newly Sprouted Garlic:
I planted garlic cloves in this pot a couple weeks ago. In the Deep South, you grow garlic during winter. I just used a store-bought bulb, split off the biggest cloves, then planted them a couple inches down. Hopefully, this rich Miracle-grow Garden Soil will deliver nice sized bulb-clusters next spring!

If you've never tasted home-grown garlic, you're missing something!  It's so much stronger in flavor and more tender to mince then store-bought!
Totally worth growing and can be grown in the ground or a container! I saw a Pinterest pin on it last year and that's how I got started!
Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat and you'll definitely want to come back Friday to find out things to do with leftover Christmas cards, so don't throw them out!

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