Thursday, September 1

Mama Kat Thursday: Finding An Idea In 13 Lines

The Mama Kat for today was to, "write a post in 13 lines." I really didn't have any ideas, so I wrote about that.

I must find an idea
But here to look?
Under the sofa?
Just dust bunnies there.
In the cabinet?
Hmm, I could eat a snack
How some coffee?
Maybe Pinterest will inspire me.
3 hours and
2 mugs of coffee later...
Still nothing.
Under my closed eyelids?
Maybe tomorrow.

(Really, I didn't look at Pinterest at all or eat a snack, I just started typing and let it free flow to come up with this. I did have a cup of coffee.)

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Carol said...

Very creative 13 lines! I need to do more free flow writing.

KatBouska said...

I hate that feeling of staring a screen for inspiration and just plain falling short. At least you were able to turn it into something creative!

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