Wednesday, February 15

Garden Pic Wednesday: Holly Flowers!

I've been making bread about once a week with my relatively new bread-maker and today decided to make some old-fashioned cinnamon & raisin swirl bread. That's basically like making a giant cinnamon roll. It's doing it 2nd rise now, then I'll bake it.

Today's Garden Pic is Holly Flowers!
This is an Oakland Holly tree and it's going to be loaded with berries! The berries are edible for birds!
The tree is about 4 feet high. It's a holly tree of shorter suited to the South, slow-growing, grower, self-pollinating and naturally holds a triangular symmetry without hedging. 
All perfect in my book!

This week was also Valentine's Day and Hubby got me a HILARIOUS card! I laughed out-loud when I read it.
I took pictures and here it is:

Outside says, "This Valentine will bring tears to your eyes..."
Inside says, "I farted in it! Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day."
And he gave me a Mounds bar--my most favorite chocolate candy bar! We shared it.

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