Wednesday, May 24

Garden Pic Wednesday: Torch Lily!

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is of a Torch Lily or Hot Poker!
The photo was taken in mid-April this year!
 You can see 4 O'clocks flower buds in the background. I have several Hot Pokers, but this is the only one that bloomed!

Here's a shot of recent plant purchases: Purple Veronica and Creeping Jenny.
The Verconia got put in a sunny back flower bed, where it will have room to spread. I've never had it before, so it's something  new to try.
The 5 Creeping Jenny plants I spaced along a barren sandy strip of soil that's opposite my front door that grass simply won't grow well in. (pine roots & shady)
 It's a low growing ground cover that I hope will spread and eventually fill it in. It's so low, it can be mowed over. 

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