Wednesday, August 9

Garden Pic Wednesday: Flowers!

Two Great Garden Pics today!

Native Lily in the Basil!
Not long ago I caught on camera this lovely orange native Day Lily bloom among the Basil leaves & blooms under the bird feeder! 
My native day lilies bloom in a profusion in the spring and then bloom sporadically the rest of the season. This was one of those sporadic blooms.
This Basil is a volunteer, a Thai type, and is a 30-inch tall clump under the feeder now. So pretty. 

Rain Lilies!
Turns out all that rain is good for something--it made some of my Rain Lilies bloom! Two this week!
There must be around 20 planted in that rain garden; multiple colors: pink, yellow & white. I keep hoping they'll bloom in profusion, but they keep their own schedule. The pink have the largest flowers.

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