Mama Kat Prompt Day: Childhood Memories

It's been raining intermittently today as the tail of Isaac's outer-most eastern band passed over us today. Luckily, no thunder this a.m. so I could get to water aerobics at the Y.
Thundered later a bit, but sun is out now. It's one of those liquid sunshine kind of days.
I'm also pleased to report, since last night, someone has purchased one of the ties I just posted in my Zazzle store! Cool beans!
Today's Mama Kat Prompt is:
What do you remember most about your childhood bedroom?
That's a good question and it has a pretty funny answer.
First you have to picture that my 2 younger sisters and I shared one large. That by itself is memorable. It must have been at least 20' x 20' in size and the 3 of us each had a corner of it to call our own.
I slept in a double bed, while my 2 sisters slept in the bunk-bed our Dad had built. He had carpentry skills and it was a huge, sturdy thing, larger then any store-bought bunk.
Here's the funny part: I was a sleep-walker!
For some reason I would sleep walk myself into their beds and each sister had entirely different reaction my
nocturnal invasions!

Initially my youngest sister, Pat, slept in the bottom bunk.
She was around 9 then, makiing me about 15 when I took my first night time stroll. I distinctly remember walking around the end of the bunk-bed, able to see her sleeping form vaguely through the ladder rungs---since sleep walking has the quality of the conscious mind being like a passenger in a car, able to observe, but not really doing the driving.
Apparently I got into bed with her and was trying to pull up the covers.
  This woke her enough to sit up and ask, "What are you doing?"
I remember replying, "I don't know."
Then we both lay back down and went to sleep.
A bit later I woke up feeling exceptionally cozy and warm. I was quite startled to realize I was in Pat's bed and quickly removed myself back to my own.
Yet, oddly, I could still recall my little adventure the next morning.

The second sleep walking incident occurred several years later. By then Jane had the lower bunk and Pat was on thte upper. Needless to say, Jane's reaction to my trying to sleep walk into her bed was a little less user friendly.
While I don't remember leaving my bed, I do remember sitting on her bed, on top of the covers with my feet up, reaching toward the end of the bed, trying to get hold of some blanket to pull up.
This woke my sister, who promptly sat up
and yelled," Get back in your own bed!"
I snapped awake, recognized where I was and skittered back to my own bed, somewhat stunned.
Aparently I wasn't a chronic sleep walker, since I only remember the two instances.
But my sisters and I have had many laugh remembering them!



Jamie Miles said…
Good grief. How wonderful that you all slept in the same room. It might not have seemed that great back then. And I married a sleep walker. eek.
carol daniels said…
It's a good thing you didn't sleep walk often. I have never been around a sleep walker... just a sleep talker. My husband is always waking me up with his rants.
Unknown said…
Wow. Be thankful you didn't sleepwalk outside of the room. My mom was a sleepwalker when she was little. She walked out of the house, grabbed a bucket of water from the pump, and started...well, walking. She woke up a mile away from the house. Then.....she walked back home. Thank God it was in the middle of the night and she didn't get ran over by traffic because this happened in the Philippines!
. said…
Yay, you sold a tie. That is awesome! :)

Sleepwalking is scary. I once was sleepwalking and on my way to open the front door to leave but thank God my mom was there and she said she led me back to my bed. I didn't know that.
JJ said…
its nice that all of you slept in the same room. and yes, lucky you didnt venture out of the room. my single bed was also built by my dad.

thanks for visiting!
. said…
I changed my blog name from "Sophia's Desk" to HildaLD. Here's the link:

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