Best Christmas Lights Show 2011!

I saw this Christmas light show featured as among the top 8 best---and thought I'd share it! It is quite good!
It features a montage of Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music---certainly among my favorite Christmas albums!
This particular light show home owner used it to raise money for a particular charity last year.

I often wonder how the neighbors handle it. Of course, I've read many such house display operators check with their neighbors first and get their okay, which is wise.
I used to live next to a lady who did a Christmas display---though, not an outside light display to music you can listen to in your car, like this.
 No, hers involved an interior display set up in every room of her home, full of moving Christmas figures AND a lighted exterior pathway through more themed moving figures through her yard. Then she'd allow people to tour her home inside and out throughout the season from Thanksgiving through New Years for free with an optional donation pot available.

 Back when she lived next to me, her operation was small. Even so, my dead end street would be packed with cars of visitors from all over town and the Griswold brightness of all her lights was on the obnoxious side. Fortunately, she moved to some cul de sac in a housing development elsewhere in the community, but unfortunately for all her neighbors there, her seasonal display kept expanding. Pretty soon it wasn't just a few 100, but now a total of 3000 to 5000 visitors touring her Christmas extravaganza yearly and crowding the cul de sac with layers of parked, parking on her neighbors yards, blocking their driveways and causing yearly neighbor outrage!
This lady did try to pacify her neighbors with cones and such to control the visitors, but that never really solved the problem or the anger. Finally, after many years of complaints, the city stepped in with a legal ban on this display because the traffic this lady's display was a hazard to emergency vehicles accessing anyone in need who lived on the cul de sac. They suggested she move her display to a more public venue with suitable parking space, but clogging up that cul de sac would no longer be an option.
I believe she moved to another house elsewhere in town, though I guess she's learned her lesson and doesn't torture her current neighbors.

She's found a public location for the past couple years, but it's a massive display needing a large space and she prefers a donated space, since, of course, she doesn't want to have to charge for her display. 
According to her interview I read in the paper, she said she had been unable to locate donated space in time to put up her display this year, since it requires numerous volunteers and 3 or 4 weeks to prepare.
 Putting on this Chistmas display on her property for people to tour through was sort of her niche, her thing to make her well known in the community and, ultimately, to help promote herself as a realtor.


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