Garden Pic Wednesday: Winter Gerber Daisy!

 Seasons Greetings! 
So have you got your Christmas cards out?
I love sending and getting Christmas cards. It's an old fashioned thing to do, but, hey, texting and emailing aren't the same--nor a good substitute. 

A card is like getting a small personal gift in the mailbox!
I was just snipping some Chocolate Mint to put in my dehydrator for drying. It was starting to hang over the pot and I don't want it to root in the ground and spread.
It smells sooo good! Just like an Andes Mint.
I'm planning on using it in my Chocolate Mint Crinkles.
The Garden Pic I have for today is of a very pretty gerber that popped up this week.
It's a bit unusual in color--a pale pink with a soft yellowish-pink tint on petals surrounding the center. Before it opened, I thought it was actually going to be yellow. Then seeing it, I remembered this one is usually a true light pink.
It's so lovely, I'll probably bring it in to add to my vase of Christmas greenery on the table in the next day or so. Home grown
gerbers do perform well in a vase.
And I have a picture of our Christmas Tree:
 Be sure and come back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday!


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