Hear About the Mysterious Indiana Jones Journal?

Actor Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones 
Yes, an authentic "appearing" journal seeming to belong to "Professor Abner Ravenwood," concerning the Ark of the Covenant, which mysteriously arrived at the University of Chicago's Admissions Department addressed to one, "Henry Walton Jones, Jr."
(i.e. Indiana Jones).
After much speculation, it turns that this "journal" was a very well hand-crafted replica belonging to an eBay seller, which, while on the way to Italy from Guam, got lost by Post Office in Hawaii. Apparently,it lost some of it's address labeling and the post office ended up hand-writing a zip on it, sending it to the University of Chicago. 
Because the journal is so well done, several University departments have expressed interest in keeping it, so the eBay seller is donating it to the school.
In any case, the comments about it before the mystery was solved were quite amusing:
* I'm sure I saw Captain Nemo posting the book---I guess "Indy" must have left it on the Nautilus by mistake.
* Maybe it was returned by the aliens because even they thought the third film was rubbish.
* If you ask Spielberg.... I'm sure aliens put it there during the last film.
*  Fakes.  Why does it have to be fakes?  I hate fakes. (A play on Indiana's line about snakes in Raiders of the Lost Ark.)
*  Maybe Harrison Ford will show up and ask if anything's come for him.
* I have the Holy Grail and sent it to the Congress....hopefully they will open it.
* Obviously the writer  never watched the movies or he would know the Ark of the Covenant resides in a U.S. Army warehouse.


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