Mama Kat Thursday: A Trend I Can't Stand

That's today's blog prompt topic:
"A trend you can't stand"
There are a number of fashion faux pas trends I can't stand:

#1) The Super Skinny Trend: 
 This look is NOT beautiful.
And it's definitely NOT healthy.
I don't think the "Nazi death camp
survivor look" is a cool image.
It's also become quite trendy for actors to lose excessive amounts of weight just to attain an under-nourished look for some role. That can't be good for a person.

#2) Too Low Cut Tops Trend
I see this exposed clevage look all over and, to me, it's just soooo unclassy---an unnecessary.
I don't want to see that when I'm walking around the mall.

 #3)  Using Leggings Like Pants Trend
This, too, looks sooo unclassy and generally  unflattering.
Leggings are supposed to be worn under something like a long sweater.

I hate the whole "pornification" trend in women's and girl's fashion in general that seems all about tightness, skinniness and showing more skin.
I wonder what we're doing to our children?




Oh my goodness, that model in the first picture is soooo thin. Wow.

I agree with you on every point! And it makes me think a lot about how my son will view women & how my daughter will view herself. I grew up with a lot of rules about my clothing in regards to modesty, I plan on doing the same with my children. Hopefully, they will respect me for it like I do my parents!
Unknown said…
I hate these trends, too! Kate has a point about boys; how are they going to perceive girls when they SEE all of them all the time? I see some SHORT shirts around here worn by very young girls and I wonder where their parents are on this! It makes me cringe. Thank goodness I have eight years until the teenage years! Hope we will be back to Amish skirts by then!
Anonymous said…
Couldn't agree more with each of your points! As a mom of both boys and a girl, I worry about this quite often.
Melanie said…
Amen! As a mother of a bajillion daughters, it sickens me to take them shopping and not find anything to buy that doesn't look like it would be better suited for a...ahem...street walker (as my grandma would say). And I don't want them thinking the completely unhealthy, starving-to-death look is beautiful. Or leggings and cleavage. I mean, seriously, how do women look at themselves in the mirror and think it's okay to go out in public without pants on and their chests hanging out of their tops. Blech!

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