USS Enterprise Retiring!

Uh, not the Star Ship---the Navy Aircraft Carrier. LOL.

The Enterprise is notable for being the world's first nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier. She is destined for scraping, however, because removing the nuclear stuff will require knocking large holes in her. So a retired to the life of a floating museum is impossible.
A time capsule including memorabilia and bits of scrap will be put together and stored until a new "Enterprise" carrier is built and that will be handed to the new captain at the launching ceremony.
A new USS Gerald R. Ford and USS John F. Kennedy are slated first.

In Star Trek IV, which was about the whales, Uhura and Chekov are detailed to find a nuclear source for recharging their Kinglon ship's dilithium crystals. Thus the famous line of Chekov asking a police officer with his Russian accent, where to find "Nuclear Wessels."
There can be no mention of Star Trek IV without some Trekker immediately quoting that line!
In any case, the ship they locate in the film is the carrier Enterprise.
However, the real  Enterprise was on duty at sea at the time of filming and the ship you see on screen is the one in the photo I've included, the USS Ranger, which was conventionally powered.  Interestingly, the Ranger appeared in numerous films.
She was retired to moth-ball fleet in 1993, though obtaining museum status for her may be in process.
What was really funny is we and several friends had dinner with a sailor just back from a sea deployment. He'd just gotten married and was traveling through our area with his new bride.
One of our friends asked him, "which ship were you on?"
He said, "The Enterprise."
He didn't know he was sitting at a table with at least 3 Star Trek fans, including myself. He is not a sci-fi fan at all.
Us Trekkers all responded with an awed, "oooooooh," and echoed that sacred name, "The Enterprise," in hushed tones.
Naturally, someone said, "Nuclear Wessels," with a Russian intonation.
Our Navy friend just stared at us cluelessly.

For full article on the Big E's retirement, go here:
Live Long and Prosper.


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