Wednesday Garden Pics: Miniature Rose!

 Today's Garden Pic of the Day is one of my miniature roses!

Just took this shot a couple days ago. I have 3 of them and the dark pink are loaded with buds!
I also saw a Gerber putting up a blossom and I have a couple Hostas that get winter sun daily and one of those is putting up a blossom stem!
The rest of the Hostas are on the shady north side of the house have retired for winter.

And while I was photographing one of the little roses,  a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly landed next to me on the marigolds!
So I grabbed this shot as well.
December in north Florida isn't like December anywhere else.
My broccoli is also looking quite handsome and I should have fresh broccoli somewhere between Christmas & New Years!
Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday! 
 The topic will be "something I learned in college."


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