Mama Kat Thursday: What Made Me Laugh This Week

The Mama Kat Prompt this week is:
"What made you laugh this week?"
     The answer is: the same thing that makes me laugh everyday---our cat, Sunni.
    She's 12 now and still spry and full of play.
     Every night, about 10:30, she's wants to play a bit before we go to bed. Her favorite game is to hide in a large plastic shopping bag we hook over her cat scratch, crouch down, then wait expectantly for my husband to reach under it and grab her belly. You can read the look of anticipation on her face! That cracks me up by itself!  Then when he does grab her belly, she presses down against his hand with this intense, "I'm not going to let you get me" expression for a few seconds before suddenly flipping over in a complete somersault to try and get that "pesky hand." Of course, my husband is lightning fast getting his hand out of her reach for the most part. He'll then flap the bag open, inviting her back and she'll stroll casually back inside the bag, turn about, crouch down and wait to go again. Even at 12, she'll do this over and over at least a dozen times.

        Another game she likes that makes us laugh is the "catch the string before it goes under the rug" game. For this, we drag a string under the edge of the large braided rug that centers our living room. She'll crouch a short distance away, watching it alertly until the very last second before the end disappears under the rug, then, after a hip-wiggle, she'll leap into the air to pounce on it and pull it back out. Watching this huge leap just makes me laugh and laugh. She'll then return to her start spot to wait for us to hid the string again.     So, it's our cat that gave me a laugh as she always does. I think that's one of the important things a pet does: add joy to life! 

Eyeing a string from inside a Christmas box.
Eyeing a string from the bookshelf in our den!

She comes to the table to watch us eat
at supper nightly, though she has little interest in
eating human food. She just likes to be where we are.
We took this funny pic at
Thanksgiving a couple years ago.

 And for more laughs, check out post by one of my fellow Mama Kat posters on the topic of truth telling:


kayerj said…
it's amazing how the little critters make us happy. kelley—the road goes ever ever on
annie said…
Your post greatly illustrates the difference between cats and dogs. That Thanksgiving turkey wouldn't stand a chance with a dog on a chair!

Great post.

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