Garden Pic Wednesday: New Garden Art!

What is garden art, you wonder?
It the art of re-purposing pretty or interesting items, whether  something found a yard sale or something right in your basement, into useful or decorative purpose in your landscape.
You can search terms like "garden junk" or "garden art" and find lots of photos of clever ideas people have.
My husband and I both always have our eyes peeled for that "just right" find!
Today's photos are of my own newest garden art editions!


A pair of metal flowers my husband found at the Airmen's Attic on base (which is like a thrift shop).They are designed to hang, so I didn't know where to put them. That was last summer. This year I finally decided upon the perfect spot: the trellis's in front of the house!
 This is only the second year I've had the trellis's in this location for my shrub rose (that would rather climb then be a shrub--go figure).
You can see the rose branches along the bottom of the photo making their way up the trellis. (I tie them up as they grow.)
Cute, eh?

A little ceramic watering can I used to have in my kitchen, but  decided to move outside.


The cute "footprint blocks" I mentioned yesterday that I found at the local Dollar Tree and put in my Hosta bed.
The new Hosta's that just came in the mail are planted in that blank dirt spot.
One footprint is broken because I was temporarily using it as a place to rest my put foot to reach the faucet to fill my watering can --just until the hostas came up, so I could see where they were--which apparently was no problem when I did it, but when my husband tried to do the same, it snapped. I don't think the Hostas will mind.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday!


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