Mama Kat Thursday: What I Wished I Said

The Mama Kat Prompt Challenge for today is
"Describe a time when you wish you had spoken up."
Have you ever been on a cave tour?
I have. More then once.
When was a kid, we visited Mammoth Cave, which is HUGE and really cool.
But here in Florida, we also have a state park with caves you can take a guided tour through. It's called Florida Caverns State Park, located on the panhandle about halfway to Tallahassee.
Of course, compared to Mammoth, these are miniature caves, but they make great field trip fare for the school kids and offer a cool retreat from summer heat.
The thing about cave tours is they all want to show you how really dark it is by turning off the lights so you can appreciate why cave crickets and fish are blind
So, inevitably, the ranger will guide your group into a suitably large space, then after a talk about it, turn off the lights, so you can experience utter darkness.
Total darkness actually is a little visually disconcerting as your eyes flick around, straining to find some kind of light.
Then after a few seconds, the ranger flicks the lights back on and your tour proceeds.
The incident where I wish I'd spoken up occurred on a cave tour in the Florida Caverns, right at one of those turn-off-the-light moments.
There I was with my husband, squeezed into a small cavern with 15 or 20 strangers when the ranger switched off the lights,
thrusting us all into pitch darkness.
Everyone  was quietly taking in the experince.
Then, suddenly a horrible nose-hair-burning-stink rose up and wafted about the room.
Someone had let a silent-but-deadly.
(It wasn't us.)
 No one said a word. Not even a snicker.
Then the ranger turned on the lights again without comment and the tour continued.
However, if I could re-live that moment, I'd very definitely speak up and say in a loud, firm voice,
 "Who let that fart?"


KatBouska said…
You KNOW it must have been bad if after all this time you're still thinking about it!! Hahahaha! Sounds like torture.

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