Mama Kat Thursday: The Family Talent

        You might be wondering how the door install is going, since that was to happen today? Well, they're hard at it. There was a lot of hammering going on for awhile as they put up a new frame of treated wood around the door opening, but it's quieter now, so I imagine they're working on assembly.    

The Mama Kat Prompt for today is:
  "Describe a talent that seems to be in your genes."
That's easy enough. There's an artistic-creative gene that travels through my family like the Force of Star Wars.
Our Mother had a specific talent for drawing. I remember she used to hand-draw paper dolls and clothes for them to wear when I was little, but she was also very creative when it came to crafts and sewing. Our Dad's creative genes found expression in wood-working.
So, my sisters and I inherited a culmination of artistic, crafty, resourceful, hands-on sort of creativity that expresses itself in a board range of ways.
All 3 of us have certainly taken various art courses in college.
My youngest sister, Pat, has this huge, fabulous painting she did of a Perrier bottle that literally looks "wet."  I can never take my eyes off it when we're there.
My middle sister, Jane, when she was in her teens, went out into Dad's work shop, sat down and created gifts for us all out of scrap wood. I still have the "Letter Box," she made me all those years ago.

I enjoy doing realistic pencil drawings of faces, though of late I've been concentrating on learning how to "draw" on computer. (The coffee cup place mat below is an example.) 

Eclectic Coffee Cup Place Mat
I'm pretty sure this artistic-creative Force has made it's way to my various nephews and certainly my niece and is right now seeking new and innovative ways to show itself!

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Kristen said…
I love that artistic talent seems to run in your family. As much as I would love to have some of that talent, alas, it's just not in my DNA!
KatBouska said…
Wow! I'm so envious of people who can draw and work with their hands in that way. I have the artistic capability of a Kindergartener. Really love that letter box your sister made you!!

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