Friday Finds: Tea Themed Gifts!

Greetings! Today, I have for you a selection of "Tea Themed" finds:

A quote by C.S. Lewis on the topic of tea & books:

And a great mug for the Sherlock fan!
(I love the little skull in the brand design!)

A Dragon In a Teacup Postcard:
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And last, one of my own newest tea themed designs:
The Tea Connoisseur Mug!
This one took some research. It includes specific names of teas or categories of tea or tea blends.
 Darjeeling, for example is a black tea. 
Gunpowder is a green tea. There's examples of herb, flower & fruit teas listed, like "mint" or "apricot." Also the tea type "Blooming," which is  loose tea that "blooms" after you put it in water. Sometimes tea is named for the region where it's grown or the pick of leaves, such as "White." 
I made this much for especially with the "tea connoisseur" in mind!

Have a great weekend!
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Kathy said…
Never mind gifts, I'd buy those things for myself! That Lewis quote is one of my favourites and sums me up pretty well :)

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