Garden Pic Wednesday: Rosemary So Pretty

Christmas Rosemary!
Just bought this cute little Rosemary last weekend. I plan on putting a bow on it and setting on the kitchen counter for Christmas cheer!
Eventually, it will replace my sick and dying Rosemary in the back garden. I thought, being larger, it would have a better start then the tiny size normally available in herb sections.  This topiary is about 10 inches tall. Uniquely, Rosemary can be trained into a topiary or even a bonsai, I think. 

When we bought the Rosemary, we also bought these Pinks:
These are sitting where they'll be planted near the front door, though they aren't planted yet. They don't mind Florida winter and will offer a bright spot of color for Christmas.  A bi-annual, they'll last a couple years.

Finally, a pretty shot of our Cat, Sunni:
My computer is right by this window and she enjoys sunning herself here on her cat-pad, just behind me. She generally enjoys being where we are. If we watch TV, she likes to sleep on her spot on the couch. When we sit at the table to eat, she sits at the table, too, just to watch. When we go to bed, she goes to bed. (she has her own bed in our bedroom.) 
 Nearly 16, she will still dash room to room, enticing Hubby into a game of tag. 

Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!


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