Thursday, May 18

Mama Kat Thursday: May Flowers!

This weeks Mama Kat blog prompt:
"April Showers bring May Flowers. Show us your May Flowers!"

A white ceramic kitty peeks out from behind Hosta that's between Red Saliva and Pink Million Bells in my front garden container!

A stone Hippo swims among wood chips beneath a Curly Parsley in a container on the back patio!(He's a gift a friend brought back for us from his visit in Africa.)

In Florida, May brings Easter Lilies! My house was surrounded by dozens of these all blooming at once!

May also brings Gardenias! This bush is heavy with blooms both new and old! 

In Florida, May is blueberry season! These are container blueberries.

My young tomato plants in my veggie garden!
The one on the right is bred particularly for Southern heat & humidy; the other is a Roma. Both are determinate, meaning they only grow to a set height.
 you look closely you can see Marigold leaves poking out from
,  under each--this is for natural pest control.
That's mine. 
What's growing in your garden?

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John Holton said...

Very nice! The ceramic pieces add a lot.

Abby said...

Such springy photos! And everything looks so healthy!

Morgan Cartwright said...

I love your spring photos. I like your little ceramic kitten. I only have roses. I need to make the area around them prettier. I'll have to work on that after vacation.

Once Upon a Time

KatBouska said...

Beautiful! And I love that little stone hippo sleeping peacefully among the flowers. :)

Carol said...

Love, love, love Easter lilies. I buy one in a pot every year for Easter and put it in my house. They have the best fragrance. Your flowers are beautiful!

Emily said...

What a beautiful garden you have! My outdoor living space is too small to make a garden so I am envious!

Nikki G said...

Lovely! I have clematis, gladiolus, moss rose, daisies, echinacea, crinum, and spirea. And I LOVE taking pictures of them!
:) gwingal

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