Wednesday, June 7

Garden Pick Wednesday: Louisiana Iris!

It was lightly cool and cloudy here in Northwest Florida today and I was able to get some things done.
The 4 O'clocks our front needed staking and tying to keep them upright. One 4 O'clock is 3 feet tall with a very thick stem. I don't know whether it came up from a very mature tuber-root or just ambitious.  The Hardy Hibiscus in the same area needed tying to their stake--they're approaching 7 feet tall.
I edged a bed on the north corner, removing grass and transplanting it to bare areas. (It's St. Augustine/Centipede type grass.)
And staked and tied up the Bell Peppers, which are getting heavy with peppers and harvested 2 Zucchini.

Today's Garden Pic is from earlier this spring:
Louisiana Iris!

This one's name is "Black Gamecock."
 It's classed as black, but "black," iris are all really very dark, dark purple and how dark is greatly effected by soil ph.  Mine are just dark purple.
Louisiana Iris grow well in the Deep South. Their blossom is somewhat flat-faced and they have tuberous roots like a day lily,  which allows them to horde water.
 Mine are in my rain garden, where all the lawn run-off goes after a rain, and they're pretty happy plus they have room to spread!

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