Friday, December 15

Friday Finds: Christmas Trees!

Today, photos of our outdoor and indoor Christmas trees decorated for the season!

Outside: Our Oakland Holly Tree
It's first year for getting decorated!This is it's 3rd Christmas.
Just the right size to slip a set of bush lights over!
I figure we'll enjoy decorating it as long as it's a reachable height.

Inside: Festive Frazier Fir
There's just something magical about looking at a tree full of brightly colored lights, in the dark, and listening to the soft sounds of Christmas music. 
It makes me relive so many happy childhood memories!
Many of the ornaments on the tree are antique now, being 50 years old, considering I've had a couple of them, since I was 10. 
I have still have a set of glass ornaments my sister, Jane, sent Hubby and I, when we were first married, making them around 35. All five, still good as new, grace the tree every year, then get stored in their original box.

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