Thursday, December 14

Mama Kat Thursday: Ice Skating Memories

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt suggestion I'm doing today is, "tell us about the last time you went ice skating."

Last time I went ice skating....?
How about somewhere in the range of 45 years ago.
I only ever went once. Once was enough.

The Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis on the State Fair grounds hosts events and entertainment all year round ranging from concerts to livestock shows to Hockey.
I remember seeing the Shrine Circus there a couple times  and Holiday On Ice performances several times.
Winter is Hockey season, though and the Coliseum floor gets a iced and is available for public ice skating during the day, skate rentals included.
I think it might've been a 4-H club trip outing with several club members the time we went, since Mother & Dad were the leaders, plus my sisters and myself.  I was in my teens. 
I did know how to roller skate well enough to mostly stay upright and circle around the rink with the rest of the crowd. I just assumed ice skating was pretty much the same and didn't fully realize standing balanced on 4 rubber wheels and standing on a single steel blade is quite different!
I actually couldn't even get my ankles straightened up. They were tilted inward.
So, I tried skating forward. I didn't get very far before I was flat on my behind.
I realized that the wood floor of a roller rink, as hard as it was, was far better to land on then ice. Less cold, too.
So, ended my ice skating career.
So, do you roller skate or ice skate or both?

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Morgan C said...

I definitely roller skate since roller skating is involved in my main hobby. :)
I don't like ice skating though, it just HURTS!

Anonymous said...

I ice skated a little bit when I was in grammar school, but not since. Went roller skating once with some second cousins: the woman running the rink had no teeth and was limping around on crutches, and when I saw the sign that said "not responsible for injuries," I decided not to get skates.

KatBouska said...

Ice is SO painful to land on! And the older we get the, harder we seem to go down. lol

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