Wednesday, January 3

Garden Pic Wednesday: December Gardenia!

Today, I mowed up the thick profusion of leaves in the back yard, because letting the mower bag them is easier then raking. It's just makes the clean up later easier. A fresh layer of pine needles and a lesser quantity of other leaves will coat the back yard before March.
Once I got outside and got going, it was a good bit of pleasant brisk exercise on a cool, but sunny day.

Today's Garden Pic:
My crazy Gardenia that popped out two couple blossoms in December!
I took the photo before Christmas, when the weather was more temperate.I call this bush crazy because it randomly throws out blooms through-out the year! It does bloom profusely in spring, then whatever additional blooming it wants to do the rest of the year. 
I have two types of Gardenias: this one has small 2 inch blossoms and blooms early; the other has large 3 inch blossoms and blooms late near the end of May.

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Mary Norton said...

Love gardenias when it is fresh. Such lovely smell.

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