Wednesday, January 31

Garden Pic Wednesday: The New Squirrel Baffle

I enjoying watching the songbirds visiting my feeder. It's supposed to be squirrel proof---and it generally is for an adult squirrel, but the very young, born over winter, slip right in.  I was fed up.
So, I recently bought this black "squirrel baffle." 
Just screw the bracket to the pole, slip the hood on and---voila, problem solved.
The Pine Warblers that were here have departed for Canada now. They just winter here. I saw a male Gold Finch in the feeder today just starting to regain his summer yellow color. They turn drab olive in winter. Also winter visitors, they'll soon be leaving as well.
I watched with surprise as I observed a tiny Carolina Wren in the feeder just tossing gobs of seed out onto the the ground below, where a pair of Doves and another Wren were cleaning it up.
I had to wonder whether some sort of bribery was going on---maybe the Doves were paying the Wren to throw all that seed out?

Hubby Napping With Our Cat, Sunni
He's up and out early every day, so when he gets home around 2, he takes a nap and Sunni naps on him, where she has a nice view of the bird and squirrel activity out the sliding glass door. 
She's a good looking healthy and happy kitty for being almost 17.

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