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Good Eating Monday: What Cake Was Popular Your Birth Year?

I ran across this fascinating article about "What Cakes Were Popular the Year You Were Born?" 
So for today's Good Eating,  I'm going to share the list, but will only include photos of the particular cakes popular when I and my sisters were born.
1948-1956: The Chiffon Cake
This was a moist, airy sponge cake made with whole eggs and fruit
juice.  A classic cake popular since the 1920's, it really became popular when it's secretive creator, Mr. Harry Baker, sold the his recipe to Betty Crocker in 1948.
If you're interested in trying your hand at one, here's a recipe for Lemon Chiffon Cake at this blog, Jo Cooks.
Pineapple Upside Cake was trending in 1950 and Baked Alaska, in 1955.

1957-1960: German Chocolate Cake
Interestingly, this cake gets it's name from the sweet baking
chocolate, German's Chocolate, invented by Sam German, that was the key ingredient in a Texas lady's recipe that became all the rage after it was published in a Dallas newspaper.
If you want to make a scratch German Chocolate Cake using sweet baking chocolate, then you might like this one from Garth Brooks.
Otherwise, Pillsbury & Betty Crocker have ready made frosting & mixes.

1961-1965: Strawberry Champagne Cake
I've never heard of this one before, but apparently it began it's
popularity on the West Coast. It's a two light layers with either champagne or strawberry soda with either coconut or Bavarian creme in the middle with a white fondant icing.
I looked through Pinterest for a recipe, but couldn't find an exact match. A good recommendation, though, was to take a white cake mix and replace the liquid called for with either champagne, sparkling rose wine or  strawberry soda. Then mix a little coconut into white frosting for the same effect.

1966: Tunnel of Fudge Cake
The fudgy, nutty, gooey chocolate filled bundt cake was winner of the Pillsbury bake-off for that year and is made filled bundt cakes all the rage. Pillsbury still features the recipe.

1967-1971: Carrot Cake
I like mine with crushed pineapple and raisins plus the carrots and nuts. You can throw coconut in there, too, if you like.

1972-1973: Sock-It-To-Me Cake
This trendy 70's bundt cake with a swirl of cinnamon sugar in the midle got it's name this popular expression used on the TV show "Laugh In." Something like a bundt coffee cake.

1974: Watergate Cake
Another famous retro cake, the key ingredients are Pistachio pudding and an "uncola," like Sprite or 7 Up soda.

1975-1976: Jello Poke Cakes
Poke holes in a hot cake and pour warm liquid jello over the top.
Tons of recipes for this ever popular cake in Pinterest!

1977: Angel Food Cake

1978-1983: Hummingbird Cake
The recipe for this sweet, fruity layered cake first appeared in a 1978 issue of Southern Living. It calls for banana, crushed pineapple and pecans. 

1979: Rum Cake

1984-1987: Tiramisu
This is a recipe Grandma's have been making for generations, but it didn't take off in popularity until it was introduced in restaurants in the 1980's. Lots of variations out there for making your own.

1988: The Chocolate Layer Praline Cake
Another I've never heard of, but it's just Devil's Food cake with sugar pecans and whipped topping between. Also a Pillsbury bake-off winner that year.

1989-1990: Funfetti
This trend was launched by Pillsbury when they decided to put the confetti candy in their cake mixes instead of just on top.

1991-1994: The Chocolate Lava Cake
Yes, we all remember when this trendy dessert was on every restaurant menu.

1995: The Viennetta
This was a European style ice-cream dessert made by Breyer's in the mid-90's easily picked up at the grocery.  Unfortunately, Breyer's no longer produces it.

1996-1999: Red Velvet Cake
Long snubbed for it's dyed color, this cake was finally made popular in 1996 by the Magnolia Bakery of NYC. Since then, it's become "red velvet" flavored everything.

2000: Anything in a Cupcake form.

2001-2006: Bacon Cakes
Basically, the "put bacon in everything"era.

2007: Texas Sheet Cake

2008: Anything in Cake Pop form

2009-2010: The Smith Island Cake
This cake, which consists of 8 to 10 thin layers of yellow cake all frosted and covered with fudgy icing became popular because Maryland made it their official state dessert.

2011-2015: Cakes Made Colorful by Food Coloring
Rainbow Cake, with each layer a different color, and, of course, Red Velvet, which never really left.
I looked through several articles and tried to pulled what was held most in common by all, though which cakes were trendy in what era seems a little subjective.
Over-all, it seems cakes were classier before the 90's for the most part. I mean,we're down to liking a thing because it's full of sprinkles and food coloring?
My personal favorite cake, though, is a Boston Creme Pie, which was first invented by a chief at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in 1856. 

So, what's your favorite cake?

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Cake cake and more cake! Mine is that Strawberry Champagne cake and I am dying to try it. I have never heard of it before.
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