Thursday, January 11

Mama Kat Thursday: Snow

The Mama Kat writing prompt I chose today is to "show how I feel about snow with gifs."

I grew up in Indiana somewhat southwest of Indianapolis where it would snow some, but not as much as up by Chicago.
"Snow days," where schools closed, were rare, but we always lived on hope it might snow enough to get us out of school
School didn't close for a mere 3 or 4 inches, though I do recall a time or two when we got to stay home for 8, even 10.

We lived out in the country, so a good coating of snow turned the trees and paths into a wonderland of white!
So, I have fond memories of snow and, when you're a kid, there's a ton of fun things to do in the snow:

Snow Angels

And yes, since we lived in the woods, trees were a hazard we had to learn to steer around--if possible.

Knock Snow Off Trees
Since we lived on heavily forested land, it was pretty amusing to walk the trail through the trees to the creek, whacking young trees, so all the snow would topple down. Nothing like a little snow down the collar!

Build Snowmen:
We did lots of that. I recall one year when we had a pretty good snow, Mother helping us build a huge snowman seated in a metal lawn chair. We arranged the snowballs in the chair, then smoothed and carved them until we had a huge guy made of snow sitting their with arms on the chair arms and two legs with rubber boots on the bottom. He was big enough we could sit on his lap, like Santa Claus. It was pretty cool. 

 But now I live on the Florida Panhandle about 145 miles from the Gulf Coast and, here, snow is extremely rare.
Back in the early 90's, it did snow huge flakes one night on Christmas Eve for about 30 minutes. 
People inherently know what to do with it, I guess, because I saw bunches of people standing outside doing this:

What's winter like in your neighborhood?


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Since Monday is a holiday, next post will be Garden Pic Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I grew up all over. In Kentucky nobody knew how to handle snow. They'd close schools if they thought it might snow. Here in Wisconsin we are more likely to have school close because of cold than snow but we're talking like -25 for that.

John Holton said...

I'm north of you in Atlanta, and we get a snowstorm maybe every other year, and we've already had it. I grew up in Chicago, and it took a whole lot of snow to close schools, but then, that was back in the Sixties and maybe things are different now.

John - The Sound of One Hand Typing

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