Thursday, January 18

Mama Kat Thursday: Something I Worked On This Week!

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt I chose this week is to share, "Something I Worked on This Week!"

As it so happens, I was working on a new Happy Mother's Day Card this week!
It's based on one of my photos of my Gerber Daisy's from my front bed; a pink one. I cut-out just the bloom head, then arranged it in a repeated pattern for a card design:
Fresh Pink Gerbers Happy Mother's Day Card

Then I fixed up the inside of the card, both top and bottom, with a pink background and an additional Gerber accent on each:

Top Inside:

Bottom Inside:

I usually compose a sample greeting message, but it's easily customizable.

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You see more of my work @ BevStuff


Donetta Sifford said...

I love that. The layout is very pretty!

John Holton said...

Very nice!

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