Wednesday, June 20

Garden Pic Wednesday: Showy Hibiscus!

Today's Garden Pic is my huge showy red Hardy Hibiscus!
This one is out front in the corner bed behind all the 4 O'clocks. It's unusually tall for a Hardy Hibiscus---7 feet.

Plastic Owl On Squirrel Patrol Out Front:
A couple weeks ago I noticed squirrels were digging up my brand new Purple Shamrocks and nibbling off the bulb tips at the bottom of the stems. Just the ones in the front beds. And they were eating the whole bulb. So I replanted any I found out of the ground and got my old owl to put out----but he was falling apart and faded from years in the sun, so we got a new owl.
It appears to have stopped the problem. The trick with plastic owls is you have to move them every couple days minimum, so Owly here gets shifted back and forth across the yard to stand guard over my beds.

Box Turtle Feed:
I put watermelon rinds and popcorn out for the Box Turtles nearly everyday now. They come out to spot in the afternoons expecting to find a meal--sometimes one. I was surprised to have the 2 visitors.
The one on the left has a pretty yellow striped head.

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