Friday, July 13

Friday Finds: Things to Do With All Those Photos

I got this idea from someone else's post in my Google+ and thought it great to pass along!
We all have tons of photos around---in our phones, saved in our computers, sitting in boxes waiting for that being made"someday" into a memory book!

Heres's some easy ideas for putting those photos to use:

1)  Enjoy your photos right on your computer screen!
Select "Slideshow" in your computer screen Personalization setting, choose a file of photos for "browse," and enjoy a shifting display of your photos!
The time is automatically 30 minutes, but can be set to other options.
(This means you'll have to save your camera and phone photos to your computer to have a file to browse---if you haven't already.)

2)  Make a Calendar!
For yourself of your last vacation or a family photo one to send to relative! It's a great Holiday gift idea!
Lots of options online for making calendars.
 Also you can walk into Walmart and use their photo gift service to make one.

3)  Make a Photo Book!
Our friend's wife and her sisters make those for each other for sharing family photos all the time through Shutterfly, which is an online photo printing & gift service.
Create a personal family history photo book with all the kids photos from first grade to high school or a memento of a great family vacation for the coffee table!

4)  Enlarge and Frame Some for Your Walls!
Greate a unique gallery! My friend, Megan, would just walk into Walmart and make photo collages to share with friends!
With a photo shop, you can make them black & white, sepia tone or other effects before having them enlarged and printed!
Lots of on-line services provide photo prints and enlargements that you can order and frame!
They also offer other framing options: acrylics blocks, cubes, plaques, collages and so on.

You might also consider digital photo screens: a 
lady in G+ said she had an Apple TV system they set up to scroll photos while playing music---so there's a fancy idea!

5)  Make Your Own Unique Photo Note Cards!
There's lots of services online to choose from. You can order a pack to send as gifts or for your own personal use! Make your own birthday cards or thank you cards!

6)  Make Use of Your Photos to Make Unique gifts: Mugs,  Puzzles, Mouse Pads, Key Chains and so on.
Again, lots of services online to choose from for this.

7)  Make a Photo Video!
This is something I've been doing with a number of family photos and it's super easy to do!
Windows 10 comes with a Windows Live Movie Maker right in it! Easy to use. Just line up photos, add transitions and music, save and your Windows Live Movie Maker photo video is ready for sharing on You Tube!
But for uses other then You Tube, you'll want to convert that Movie Maker file to an MP3 movie file.
(Windows Live Movie Maker does not save to MP3 format.)
 To do that, I use this FREE online browser app, that has a Video Converter that will easily convert any video file into any number of formats--up to 2 GB at a time.  No downloading required.
Or there are also plenty of other free apps and software alternatives out there!
It's not a bad idea to save your precious photos to a digital format so you can store them on a flash drive or CD's---some
place waterproof and fireproof or in the Cloud---someplace beyond Mother Nature's destructive reach. 

[Photo at top is of an example of a photo book from Shutterfly for illustrative purposes only. I'm not affiliated with them. Neither am I affiliated with browser app beyond using it for my own projects.]

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