Wednesday, July 11

Garden Pic Wednesday: Sunflower with Little Visitors!

Today's highlight photo is this pretty Sunflower with 3 little striped Sweat Bees!
They were coated in pollen loving this sunflower!
Since I have a bird feeder and the seed mix includes various sunflower seeds, I just pushed a selection of them into my flower bed and get and interesting mix of sunflowers.
This one was one of those seeds.

In the background, you can see the yellow melon blossoms on vines that have crawled up into the tomato cage.

My New Home Made Bird House

I had a cute little bird house similar to this one pictured--it was just made of painted wood. It lasted 3 years, was even used a couple times, but this year I had to discard it because it was simply rotting away. My humid and rainy climate was too much for it.
 I did salvage the wood ring on the front to reuse, though.

I replaced that bird house with one of my own using a small plastic Folgers coffee canister topped with an old license plate for a roof with that wood ring from the other house glued on front.
The only trick I figured out is you need to seal the holes where the cord comes through on top.
The hole size perfectly for small birds like Chickadees or Wrens, who like a small space, and I can just remove lid to clean it out.

A secret about making bird houses is you must size the hole to suit the particular birds you want to attract!

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