Garden Pic Wednesday: Lavender Buddleia

Today's Garden Pic: 
One of my new Lavender Dwarf Butterfly Bush's first blooms!
I just planted it last fall.

I was just looking up how best to prune it. Best recommendation I've read for my zone is to wait until spring to trim, but otherwise just dead-head to promote blooming.

I got this Dwarf variety because I thought it would be less trouble to maintain, since your average Butterfly Bushes run somewhere between 6 to 12 feet. I used to have a regular one that I was sorry to loose a couple years ago. I think it was too shady where it was and my rainy climate often contributes to root-rot in lots of things. Or it could've been just old--I think it was something like 15 years old.  I had it since it was a tiny munchkin.
 It had such pretty lavender flowers with bright vermilion centers and narrow blue-green leaves, though!


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