Garden Pic Wednesday: Mango Calla Lily

Today's Garden Pic features one of a new addition to my garden landscape this year: a "Mango"Calla Lily.
I just got it this spring and this was the first bloom. The bloom starts out yellow and gradually turns this pretty Mango color over several days.
This particular Calla is in my large container garden out front; I picked it for it's spotted greenery to serve as contrast among the other greenery in that container.
Here in the South, they're perennial and can be left in the ground; in the colder climates with ground freeze, they must be dug up and stored for winter. Something to keep in mind.

The colored part of a Calla we think of as "the flower" is actually a modified leaf and the flower is the upright spike in the center.
I noticed when the flower spike was finished, the orange part turned green like the rest of the plant.


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