Garden Pic Wednesday: Rose Queen

Today I worked on finishing my project where planted by new Night Blooming Jasmine. It's close to the end of the rain garden and that topiary stands on a island of dirt between two drainage channels I was reworking. They were bare dirt and since we're expecting rain this weekend, I wanted to finish laying down landscape plastic and river stone in those channels.
All the rain water in the back yard basically runs to that back corner, where it flows and pools in the my rain garden, then trickles it's way across the back corner of my the neighbors back yard and into the woods behind us both. 
That's where it wants to go, so I just help it do what it wants to do anyway.

Today's photo is a Rose Queen.
It's proper name is Cleome. It's other nickname is "spider flower."
They're shades of pink or white, pretty wispy things that attract bees.
This particular one is done now and I noticed it has seed pods. 
I intend to collect those. 
It's a classic cottage garden flower. I highly recommend it.
You can usually find the seed on any garden shop seed display.


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