Saturday, February 9

Friday Update on the Floor Saga

 So, we have a floor installation date for the end of February.
(Pic on left is the tile color we've picked, though it's sooo much prettier in person. Picture does not do it justice.  This is 4 squares, grouted.)
Certainly the quickest installation date I've ever set up for anything floor related.
We re-carpeted the bedrooms several years ago and had new vinyl applied in our master bath and it took 6 weeks just to come in.
So, this is fast.

Everything I was afraid might happen never did:
*I was afraid the sales person would try to up-scale us into a pricer floor, like ceramic. Didn't happen. He just went with what we were interested in.

*I was afraid we'd be told we'd have to be responsible for removing the old vinyl ourselves. (I've heard that before.)  Nope, they take it up as part of the installation.
 (Sigh of relief, because the other thing wasn't gonna happen.)
*I was afraid of a long wait before we could even make an installation date, like 6 weeks.  The Adura will be in within a week.
There's also a reason why we went to a local independent flooring store: quality.

We got carpet for 2 bedrooms from Lowes and a bit of Armstrong sheet vinyl for the master bath, which was installed by whoever Lowes contracted with. (Lowest bid system, I think with tons of penny-pinching rules for them to abide by.) We can say the job got done. Those installers told me they weren't supposed to remove the old vinyl, that was supposed to be the owners responsibliity--though the bath was so small, they pulled it up for me anyway.
Then, when they put the toilet back, they didn't use the proper sized ring, but a small sized one that was square along on side. 
That was a fun surprise several months later when we had to have a plumber figure out why our toilet was clogging and he said, "hey, this isn't even the right size ring."  G-r-r-r.
The Adura installers, by the way, will take the toilet off, but we have to get a plumber to put it back, so it will be done right.
 (I was worried about that, too. Once bit, twice shy.)
 Then, when we got carpet for the 3rd bedroom, which is our office, we went to a neighborhood independent floor store, who did a fantastic installation! It was so much better! The care they put into it, how they handled the padding---the quality difference was HUGE!

After that, I said never again would I go to Lowes for any sort of floor installation service.
Besides, the Adura was Mannington specific with only 5 independent flooring stores in our community carrying it.

Since the Adura will comprise the major portion of our home, I  want it done well. Not just done.
We are going to see Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band today!
What a treat! It's free over on base.
Gary Sinise (center on bass) & Lt. Dan Band
We had dinner with a couple of Air Force guys from our Bible Study last night and when I said, "Gary Sinise," they said, "Who?"
I've updated my HJ Fiction Zone site.
 I have finally concluded it's time to "retire" from editing anyone else's work and so no longer taking submissions.
The stories and links will remain and I still have intention of finishing my own---eventually, but I do have a business now to tend to.

I will have before and after pic of the floor once done!

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