Wednesday, March 6

Garden Pic Wednesday: What's Blooming Now

 While I love our new floor, I didn't love how the installers put the trim back on the base-boards.
They were here from 10 to 3 this last Saturday, the 4th day of what should of been a 2-day job, because their Dad, who was the carpet store manager, kept calling them to go do this and that all over the county. So they kept disappeared for hours at a time.
On Saturday absolutely all the grouting was still left to do throughout the main body of the house, plus they needed to put all the wood trim back in place. But it was Saturday and they didn't want to stay till 5pm, so they rushed everything.

Now, if they'd done an excellent job replacing the trim, I might been able to over-look the delay, but they did a horrible, horrible job with the trim.
I found trim segments just resting in place without nails, trim jammed into place in such a way as to splinter both trim ends and the base board, nails not hammered all the way in or trim sections forced into place over the top of bent nails and trim not even lined meeting on the corners.
And when I say nails, I mean the original, 20 year old builder nails they just left in the trim.
On top of that, there a few significant spots missing grout---like right in front of the front door and around the door frame of the guest bath. Too rushed.
Luckily, I got to keep all the leftover acrylic grout, so I got out my putty knife and did it myself.
(Fortunately, I know my way around a hammer and a putty knife pretty well.)
So I've been pulling trim off here and there and making it right as well. And, like I said yesterday, Old English Scratch Cover is a lifesaver. That and Murphy's Oil.
That's how I spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

My husband stopped by the carpet store this past Monday to pay the rest of our bill. Luckily, he got to speak to the actual store owner, who was appalled when she heard about the trim. She said it was their store policy that every old nail in trim was supposed to be replaced by new ones, which they didn't do. That plus the disappearing all the time, so she discounted our bill considerably and said those two boys were not going to be working for her company anymore.
That made me feel a little better about it.
Today's Garden Pics of the Day are some things going on in my garden right now:

Amaryllis buds coming up in one of my front pots, one of my Azalea bushes in the back yard and a happy Black-Eyed Susan!

Amaryllis Buds
Black Eyed Susan (Rubeckia)

Come back tomorrow for the Mama Kat prompt: 10 things you don't know I know how to do!

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