Thursday, January 9

Mama Kat Thursday: Double Prompts

      If you read yesterdays blog, you know an outside faucet pipe  burst in our garage yesterday morning. The plumbers arrived about 4:30 and tapped it off. The spraying water did manage to melt most of my nice cardboard Christmas storage boxes that were sitting on the floor where it was, but that was proven to be an opportunity to upgrade. Luckily plastic storage boxes were on sale at Walmart this this week and picked up a pair of "light" storage boxes with hinged lids & string holders to wrap lights last night. This was, of course, after eating dinner at Ruby Tuesdays---who wants to cook-in after all that! 

There were two Mama Kat prompts I liked today: 
 "List 8 things you think people have forgotten how to do."
"Show us what winter looks like in your neck of the woods." 

8 Things I Think People Have Forgotten How to Do:
1) How to not constantly fiddle with their phones--all the time, everywhere.
2)  How to really listen to other people (which takes time away from said phone obsession.)
3)  How to spend time alone in solitude (without said phone) just to walk in the sun or think quietly is a lost art. 
4) How to send thank-you notes for a gift or thoughtfulness.
5)  How to be grateful rather then complaining.
6)  How to speak without curse words. (Bill Cosby calls this is juvenile and ignorant and I agree.)
7)  How to be content.
8)   How to be self-controlled.

What Winter Looks Like In My Neck of the Woods:
My winter garden. Took this picture today.
I've been harvesting the Romaine there in front row, so what's left behind will have more room to grow. Broccoli in back is coming to head.

Young Garlic shoots:
  Photo was taken yesterday. I'm trying a Pinterest suggestion on planting store-bought cloves.
I hope to let one go to flower just to see what it looks like.

A Daffodil bud:
Also taken this morning. This particular Daffodil is called "Cheers" and that bud holds within it a cluster of small, double blossoms.
Very fragrant.

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SouthMainMuse said...

Pooh. My first comment was eaten I think. I love seeing your garden. I have a winter garden too. My broccoli didn't survive our cold weather this week. :( your garden looks well tended and v photogenic.

Mama Kat said...

Your winter garden is doing well! I'm impressed! Mine barely survived summer so I think I'll wait for spring to come around again!

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